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Use a local supplier

Using a local supplier will save you money on delivery and collection charges. The greater the distance from the mini digger hire supplier, the more you will be charged. Unless you have your own suitable trailer for collecting a mini digger from the plant hire company that you choose to use, you will need to use their delivery service.

It is therefore essential that you do your prior research, and choose a company that is as close as possible. Using our site you will be able to find such companies and contractors that can help.

Depending on the individual plant hire company, their delivery costs will be determined and calculated by the round-trip distance (in miles), or by way of using a banded delivery charge system. Usually the mini digger hire company will ask for your postcode and calculate in-advance what the delivery and collection charges will be.

Hire the correct size

By shopping around you will see that there are various sizes of mini digger machines available for hire. Some are classed as mini diggers, others are classed as micro diggers. Although you may be tempted to rent the biggest machine available, this can actually work out to be the reverse.

One way to reduce the cost of mini digger hire is by choosing a smaller machine because the hire rates are certainly to be less. For example instead of hiring a 3 ton digger, you could choose a 1 to 1.5 ton JCB type machine instead.

Machines of this size are ideal for carrying out excavation work in confined or tight spaces such as removing soil for foundations, laying pipes and underground cables, and work such as excavating ponds and other garden structures.

Choose the correct rental period

Another way to reduce the cost of mini digger hire is by choosing in advance the correct rental period. By this we mean deciding on how long you will need one for. It is an industry standard that discounts are available for customers who choose to hire a digger for more than just a single day! Although daily rates are often promoted and advertised it usually works out cheaper per day to hire a mini digger over say three or four days continuous than for on three or four separate rental periods.

Unsure how long your own project will take? Choose to hire and pay for an extra day or two in-advance! This option is far better than having to off-hire and return the mini digger, and then re-hiring it again, essentially doubling the delivery charges.

Choose the option of mini digger hire with an operator            

If you have never never operated or driven a mini digger before this option could really lower your overall cost. Operating one of these items of plant might sound like fun, but the reality is that these items of equipment are actually a lot harder to drive and operate than they look. Using a mini-digger correctly takes practice, and if you have not operated one before you may find that you waste a morning or afternoon just getting the hang of it!

If this is the case then deciding to use a mini digger complete with driver might be for the best? Using an experienced and skilled operator will allow you to get your excavation job done faster - hopefully saving you money on the hire / rental costs.

Open a credit account with the mini digger supplier

If you are a regular user of diggers and will be hiring them frequently in your business, this is a sure way to save money on hiring a mini-digger machine. Most plant hire companies offer trade users and regular customers a monthly credit account to manage and pay for their hire goods, and at the same time provide a set discount or reduced rate for equipment hired. This discount is applied to each and every time you hire an item of plant from them, and discounts in the trade can be anything usually from around 20% up to 50% off any published prices!

Imagine hiring a small JCB or Kubota digger and getting up to 50% off the rental price? Over a year this can add up quite considerably!    

Ways to reduce the cost of hiring a digger

A Mini Digger is a very useful item of plant hire equipment, and if your undertaking a construction or DIY project that involves a fair amount of excavation work, choosing to hire a mini digger instead of labouring away with a spade and pick can be the perfect way to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Hiring a mini digger though can be quite costly, and if you are a DIY’er you might find out that mini digger hire is not as cheap as you may think! In-particular high deposit charges can be quite costly, as well as the overall hire rates if the job drags on longer than first thought.

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